Transform Your Tummy In 8 Weeks


8 Week Online Program

Ditch Your Kangeroo Pouch! (The Mum or Mom Tum) 

Do you have..

  • a 'domed' post pregnancy pooch?
  • an abdominal separation or diastasis recti?
  • a weak core and back ache?
  • low body confidence?

Get Ready for a Flatter, Tighter Tummy  

Do you want..

  • a tighter, flatter tummy?
  • a stronger core?
  • to heal your abdominal separation or diastasis recti?
  • heaps more body confidence?

My approach is a holistic program to reawaken your tummy muscles to strengthen them and successfully flatten them by focussing on targeting the inner most muscles your posture and moving your body in the right way after pregnancy. 

We reshape you from the inside out to flatten your tummy and bring you core strength. You'll say hello to your tummy muscles, they will feel like 'yours' again and your body confidence will be so much better..  

..and you won't need lots of time, a gym, lots of energy or childcare.  

No high intensity workouts, no diets or calorie counting here! Just throughly researched exercises designed for bodies that had babies with nourishing food that's easy, tasty to make you feel great and that your whole family will love too. 

Vicky x Pregnancy and Postnatal Fitness Specialist and Creator of The Mummy Tummy Transformation Program. 

Praise From Our Mums + Moms  

Here is what you get

The program has 3 pillars..


  • 10 minute daily videos with postnatal exercises to flatten your tummy, tone your bottom and shed any extra baby weight. 
  • Expert instruction from Vicky in the videos so you know you are doing the exercises correctly. 
  • An exercise calendar so you know what exercise video to do on what day. 


  • 8 week meal plan with healthy food to improve muscle tone and boost energy.
  • Weekly healthy shopping lists so your online grocery is a breeze!  
  • Over 150 delicious, healthy recipes for you and the whole family. There's sticky chicken stir fry, mediterranean omelette, green smoothies, coconut fluffy pancakes and chocolate beetroot cake PLUS more! Vegetarian options too. 


  • Private facebook group with bonus tips and videos you won't get elsewhere..
  • Personal support from expert trainer you feel supported
  • Daily email reminders so you know what exercise video to do and which menus and recipes to follow.. so you don't lose momentum
  • Support from other mums + you feel inspired and stay on track
  • Access to your own online diary to record your progress..for great motivation  

Who is this Program for?

  • A new mum or mom who recently had her baby, had her baby in the last 12 months or had her baby a few years ago
  • Women who had a c-section or more straightforward birth
  • Women with 1, 2, 3 or more children 

More Praise 

Our Transformations

Nicola Behr

“I dropped from size 18 jeans to size 12 jeans in 3 months”

Emily Sell

“Back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and it wasn’t that hard!” 

What's Unique..

Expert Postnatal Instruction 

I have spent years throughly researching the best exercises for bodies that have been through pregnancy and birth. With over 15 years experience in the fitness industry my method is proven to work.  

Private Global Community

Accountability is the key to success with an exercise program. Our community is filled with mums and moms doing the program with you. They share common challenges, show kindness and integrity and want you to look and feel amazing too. 

Specialist Nutrition Advice

My meal plans and recipes have been tried and tested on my clients and their families. The meals are packed with the specific vitamins and nutrients you need to heal and restore your tummy muscles. 

What does the program cost?

The 8 week Mummy Tummy Transformation Program costs £297 

You can also spread the cost with our 4 x payment option of £75 

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